The best memorable places in Los Angeles that you can visit

The city of Los Angeles is found in southern California, which is well known internationally for film and entertainment. This city attracts most aspiring actresses and actors from all over the world. This has made the city diversify in culture with most cultures from all over the world represented here. There is also an option to look for nu car rental lax phone number if you opt not to use public transport. This can enable you to move easily around the places that you wish to visit. With its incredible shopping malls, growing culinary scenes and their creativeness in film making, it has come to be loved by many across the globe.

The city also boasts it’s warm climate with long beaches with interesting neighborhoods. In Los Angeles, you will won’t miss something to do. The recent bike sharing program and the upgrade in the transportation industry have made the city more accessible, getting around has been made easy than ever.

Below is a list of top places that will keep you coming back to Los Angeles again and again. 

Here is a brief discussion of these amazing places.

1. The Hollywood sign

This sign is located in Hollywood which is a suburb in Los Angeles which has its own iconic site and unique history. In Hollywood, the attractions are associated with the film industry and the silver screen glamour. The attractions here include the famous Hollywood sign on the Hollywood hills, the walk of fame, the Hollywood Boulevard and lastly the Chinese theatre and those who are lucky will spot a celebrity. 

2. Santa Monica

In Santa Monica, there are all kinds of activities associated with it. With it’s beautiful golden stretched sands, the Santa Monica pier, the Ferris wheel are among the most tourist attractors here beside the surfers, yoga devotees, and skateboarders. In Santa Monica shoppers can find all sort of products ranging vintage store, to quirky to high-end boutiques. Also, there is a 26-mile long bike path at its waterfront. 

3. The natural history museum 

The museum boasts of its permanent cover collections of different topics that are expensive and rear and it’s numerous galleries. The natural history museum is known for its a collection of dinosaurs’ skeletons. The fossils of dinosaurs that are found here in a 14,000 square foot hall include; the Tyrannosaurus rex’s fossil that ranges from baby to adult, the Stegosaurus and the Triceratops. 

This museum focuses mostly on the history of California. Which the city has explored for the last 500 years. The range of mammal fossils here is evidence of climate change, evolution and the shifting of continents. This museum has a discovery center for the younger generation. 

4. The long beach

The long beach is located to the south of Los Angeles, it’s 20 miles from the city. The long beach lengthens along the Bay of San Pedro. There are a number of places to visit here too, the aquarium of the Pacific, Museum of Latin America and the Queen Mary ocean liner that has now been converted into a museum and hotel. It’s here you will also be able to see the Catalina Express. 

5. The Disneyland Resort

This is the premier family destination in California. The rides, the experiences in its theme sets are all that make this place desirable by many families. Here there are also seven lands that are based on movie themes. You will find the Disney characters with every turn you make wondering about in the street of the park.

There are also hotels, shopping centers, all kinds of entertainment and even restaurants in Disneyland Resort.

6. The Universal Studios Hollywood

This universal Theme Park has rides that movie based, that also houses a movie studio. By the aid of a guide, you can explore the behind the scenes of some popular movies sets. The major attraction here, however, is not the studio but the roller coasters simulators and the rides.
In this studio, there are some TV-themed rides and movies sets. The favorite ones include the walking dead, the transformers, the Simpsons and The Wizard World of Harry Potter. There are also shopping centers, theaters and dining areas in it’s CityWalk area.

Since waits are long here, it’s advisable to purchase a skip the line ticket. Though it’s a onetime ticket to help you skip the line to the front it’s surely a handy one for it will give you fast entry to ride in the park, the shows and the attractions not forgetting the behind the scene access.
There is numerous attraction in this city and one-day can’t cover them all. From the magical hotels, beaches, museums, theaters, and parks, surely Los Angeles is an amazing destination. consider an exotic car rental, as it will facilitate your movement if you are to enjoy and cover most of these destinations in a day. Even by doing so will be impossible though you will always be in time thought the vacation period.