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Some of the fantastic places to visit in USA


The United States of America is notably one of the many countries that everyone dreams of visiting. This is because it usually seems like everything that you need is already there and you might also be privileged in getting close to some of the celebrities you adore who live there. Get more through rental24h.com. 

Kansas City. 

Kansas City is located in the middle parts of the United States of America. Kansas City attained the nickname `the city of fountains’ from the numerous fountains there.

Tourist attractions; from Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City to chicken cuisine in Pittsburgh, Kansas City is set to give you an adventure of your life. The Gypsum Hills and the Amelia Earhart Festival are also just a few of the amazing exposures in this city.

Las Vegas.

A cruise to this big city might just be a life changer for you. This is a city that is dedicated entirely to entertainment and enjoyment and it has something for everyone. There are very big Casinos here and a walk down the strip is surely breathtaking. Gambling is not the only fun stuff in this city; there are very many shopping centres and restaurants that prove to be really incredible

Tourist attraction; not far from Vegas is the amazing Grand Canyon which is arguably the most impressive natural formation on the planet. None can gaze into its abyss and not feel incredibly in awe of its size. Shark Reef aquarium at Mandalay Bay with surely amaze you and show you and your kids the magic of the city.

Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is not that far from Vegas either. You can definitely visit here if you are doing multi-centre holidays to Miami and Las Vegas very easily. LA is the home of Hollywood, Beverly Hills and San Francisco. It has more fantastic beaches, more theme parks, and it’s got a magic atmosphere all of its own.

Tourist attractions; Los Angeles is a global city for entertainment, fashion, education and researches. This city is also famous for manufacturing of shipbuilding and aircraft. 

New York City.

New York is a very famous city in the USA it consists of a lot of places like museums, restaurants and sights. It is one of the biggest shopping centres in the world and is also considered the City that never sleeps. So if you enjoy the nightlife, this is the place to be. You can find fancy restaurants that serve delicious dishes as well as fabulous bars and clubs. Moreover, one can always relax in Alabama, quiet countryside and enjoy the peace away from the pressure and stress of the city. 

Tourist attractions; the numerous shopping centre, Ice skating at Rockefeller centre among others will really change your experience in New York. 


This is the city in the US that has one of the most exceptional highways and one can definitely enjoy driving.

Tourist attraction; The Space Needle is one of the fun areas where you will definitely enjoy your time in Seattle.

Conclusion; There are many more big and fabulous cities in USA with a lot of fun to offer apart from the mentioned ones. You can get more on rental24h.com

Basic types of shops

In the US stores you can buy everything desired, and even a little more. The constantly increasing variety of goods at first makes the problem of choice rather complicated. You must determine what you need in the first place, and plan your purchases accordingly. To be economical in purchases, you need to keep track of ads in newspapers, visit the discount stores and sales in the common types of US stores.

The most comprehensive source of information is newspapers, including the Internet editions. As a rule, information on the sale of goods, services and prices are put in three sections of newspapers. Announcements of sales are placed in the foreground. There are also newspaper enclosures, consisting entirely of ads. On the last pages of the newspapers, the “classified ads” section is printed, in which, under the headings “Houses for sale”, “Sale of bicycles”, “Sale of livestock”, “Sale of electrical goods”, etc., people offer their services to those, who want to sell, exchange or lease something.

America attracts shopaholics from all over the world, especially attractive shop windows are in cities like New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Boston and Chicago. While travelling, you can use Hertz Hillsboro car rental for successful shopping holidays.

Before starting shopping in the USA, it is necessary to become familiar with the types of shops, because each of them has its own characteristics.


Shops usually operate on their own schedule, but most of them are waiting for buyers from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:30. Shop name usually ends with the word ‘Shop’. As a rule, they are presented in a single version.


This is a large shop or a mini market.

The Neighborhood Markets

This is a small local ‘next-door’ store. As a rule, it is at the same time a grocery store, a pharmacy, a household chemicals store and the so-called “general merchandise” selling various useful trifles. People visit this place on the way home to buy a couple of goods. The range is small.

Department Store

It is usually larger than a store and it sells different goods. The department store is a multi-storey store, with a universal assortment that includes mainly clothes, shoes, cosmetics and various accessories. By its design and organization, the department store is a single space where one operator carries out trade. Commodity groups smoothly flow into one another or distributed on floors.

The ‘Walgreen’, ‘Target’, ‘Walmart’, ‘K-Mart’ are well-known networks of department stores. Moreover, they provide an opportunity to save, because commodity prices are quite reasonable. Most department stores are operating from Monday to Saturday.

Cash & Carry

These are stores, where goods are purchased in bulk for cash at a low price. In other words – these are warehouse stores. Not only small companies, but also private individuals often make purchases in cash & carry stores. At the same time, the level of markups is the same for both the private buyer and the owners of their own business. The buyer (wholesaler or private person) can purchase goods after showing a special pass, which allows using a special (low) price.


Here you will find the richest selection of goods, as it is a giant shopping center, sometimes occupying a whole block, where there are many different shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas under one roof. Often families go to these gigantic shopping centers and spend the whole day there shopping and entertaining themselves. There are also small strip malls (mini malls), which are located on the outskirts of the city.

The largest shopping center in America is the ‘Mall of America’. It is located in the city of Bloomington, Minnesota, and is a real paradise for shopping.

Although it is not necessary to buy something there. ‘Mall of America’ is not just a collection of shops, it is the largest shopping area in America, a variety of cafes and restaurants, 14 cinema halls, an aquarium with sharks, octopuses and other sea creatures, and even its own amusement park right in the middle of a 4-level building!

Outlet mall

It is a large store of discounted merchandise, which were not sold “during the season” – high-quality, but slightly stale goods of other stores. For example, some brand boutique received a new collection of clothes. They sell it, and then make a sale, but they do not have time to sell everything. As a result, a new collection is imported, and the old one needs to be put somewhere. It is sent to various outlets, where it is sold at lower prices. Outlets look like small shops and they offer products from over 200 different brands.

Most types of stores work from Monday to Saturday from 9-9.30 to 17.30 or from 10 to 18 hours. However, in many cities, one evening a week (usually Thursday or Friday), shops are open until 21.00. Often, shops work on Sundays for a few hours in the afternoon. Their opening hours can be found at the newspapers.